The ancient Greeks were the first ecologists on the planet, based on the quality of life in the city-states they created, where other nations lived nomadically. For example, in ancient Athens, every owner had the right to cut down up to two olive trees per year.

Solon had set a reward of 5 drachmas for killing a male wolf, but only one drachma for each young wolf because the goal was to reduce, but not to exterminate the species.

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Videos showing services and products over the years that help us better care for our pets

close-up illustation of a young girl in pink skirt hugging a sheep and feeding a horse

Pets are more than just our faithful companions. In many cases, they are also considered extended family. They can provide us with friendship but also with emotional support, helping us to improve in our daily social lives.

With so many benefits from our furry friends, it comes to no surprise how important and central mascots have become in our society.

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To begin with, we were finally able to devirtualize all the people with whom we have been meeting for several months, but always by videoconference or email. All the participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves and explain what their organization is dedicated to.

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The CultGamEdu project aims to couple one of the most fashionable educational strategies of the moment, gamification, with the knowledge of the culture of the countries that are part of the project: Greece, Spain and Italy. To this end, during the months of May to August, the collaborating entities of the project have carried out the following actions:

A website has been designed and published in which the progress of the project is narrated and training of general interest on gamification and cultural heritage is shared. (

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In 2017, Evie and Genie won the National Cat Awards due to the incredible bond between the pair during 11-year-old Evie’s gruelling treatment for bone cancer. In 2018, Cats Protection’s Christmas animation, Genie’s Christmas Wish, tells their tale…

Moggy Modules by Cats Protection

Our moggy modules have been created by our educational experts for children aged 5-11. Designed to help young learners discover more about our feline friends, the packs include focused worksheets, quizzes and activities.

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