How important are animals in human life? How did animals statred co living with humans? How can you speak for animals? How can you make a difference in their lives?

Join our volunteer training by ICON experts

Training includes

Lectures, workshops, hands on practice, field trips, visits, digital educational material

Europeana resources

Educational material under the tag Animal Welfare

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In 2017, Evie and Genie won the National Cat Awards due to the incredible bond between the pair during 11-year-old Evie’s gruelling treatment for bone cancer. In 2018, Cats Protection’s Christmas animation, Genie’s Christmas Wish, tells their tale…

Moggy Modules by Cats Protection

Our moggy modules have been created by our educational experts for children aged 5-11. Designed to help young learners discover more about our feline friends, the packs include focused worksheets, quizzes and activities.

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Games to learn more about Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


The Paws for Change self-study course helps young people and their dogs learn together and bond with each other through dog training.

Along with the practical dog training activities, the self-study course includes articles and games that focus on what animals need to be healthy and happy.


This activity uses role-play to explore the role of agencies in encouraging people to become responsible pet owners, with a focus on non-domestic exotic animals. This session could follow Dogs and the law. This lesson only applies to legislation in England.

Subject: Citizenship, Animals and the law.

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