Small-scale partnerships in school education
Art and Interculturalism

The idea of the “Art and Interculturalism” project was to highlight the importance of all peoples in terms of cultural expression and to emphasize to children from other countries that the culture of the country they left is as important as the culture of the country they live in.

The plan addressed the horizontal priority of inclusion and diversity, because it highlights the cultural identity of all people, and strengthens their pride in their origins.

Booklet Art and Inclusion

The booklet in Word to be downloaded here

The project is a partnership of schools with a high percentage of pupils from different cultural backgrounds. It includes the Esperino Gymnasio Rodou with 60% of foreigners, mainly first-generation refugees and immigrants, the Gymnasio Gennadiou Rodou with 60% mainly children of economic migrants and the Agrupamento de Escolas de São João da Talha in Portugal with 50% of first and second generation foreign students.

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The Greek education system is governed by national laws and legislative acts (decrees, ministerial decisions), while the general responsibility for education lies with the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

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Andreas was born on the 21st of April 1985 in a family with strong bonds. As a child, he was very sensitive, and used his “small” power to offer love and smiles to everyone who was near him!

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