International training course about combating fake news called “Think Critically, Act Logically”. This training provided to the participants professional education and place to meet and work

together with 32 youth workers from 7 European countries – Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Ukraine and Bulgaria. All this group diversity and experience with support of great trainers leaded to 8 days of learning, exchange of ideas and experiences, making contacts, partnership building, networking … and a lot of fun.

The objectives of the training course were to:

• explore and promote the tools (digital and offline), activities and methodologies to combat the fake news and disinformation

• develop participants competencies, in media literacy and critical thinking to analyze and evaluate the impact of media images and messages on youth work and society

• Promote intercultural diversity competencies and understanding among the participants and in their communities

• carry out and disseminate educational toolbox for youth workers for combating fake news in their communities via follow-ups

• explore further possibilities of projects and cooperation on this topic within the framework of the Erasmus+

At the end of the training course participants received the Youth Pass certificate and created a Europass CV