Strategy for the Equity Inclusion of
Roma Students: 03 – 07 October 2022

The project is a school strategic partnership – exchange of good practices
– only for teachers, addressing a problem which has a strong European
dimension as Roma communities experience

common problems, in the
whole European framework, as having little or no access to formal
education. The project aims to create a learning community based on
training especially focusing on helping break down the barriers and
attitudes that result Roma communities improving the outcomes for this
group, in order to contribute to a stronger, more unified and better
articulated inclusion of Roma students in EU education sector.

  • Main Objectives
  1. Establish relationships among European Roma and non Roma
  2. Improve the educational level and consequently life condition of
    the Roma;
  3. Promote the value of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue
    as a tool to fight against social exclusion and marginalisation;
  4. Approach regional governments and NGOs to Roma educational
  5. to promote internationalization and European values.