Artificial Intelligence for Early School Leaving 🇪🇸

ICON Greece visited Bilbao or another Erasmus + Program regarding Artificial Intelligence for Early School Leaving. An amazing

experience together with beloved partners and friends.

The “Artificial Intelligence for Early School Leaving” project is expected to yield a high quality AI-
powered Digital Learning Platform, based on the specific needs and requirements of students with
fewer opportunities and from underrepresented groups. The proposed partnership for cooperation
aims to provide adaptive and personalised access in terms of inclusion, diversity and equity to high-
quality digital education to all students, irrespective of gender, race, location and level of academic
achievement. This will be achieved through the design, development and evaluation of an AI-
powered Digital Learning Platform, hosting a number of tasks/exercises/activities on Literacy
(including Media Literacy) and Numeracy.
The project activities are clustered depending on the objectives and tasks leading to the delivery of
the project results. During the first three months, the activities focus on the compilation of the needs
analysis, as per the first project result. The opening transnational meeting kicked-off the
communication campaign of the project, thus attracting the interest of the key stakeholders, beyond
the consortium. This event also lead to the definition of the instructional design and algorithms
powering the platform, based on the results of the survey data.
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