The changes occurred in education due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the rapid and accelerated development of new and smart technologies, and the economical and social changes affected fundamentally the educational approaches, people communication and cooperation in the educational community.

Those advances influenced both teachers and students inspiration and motivation for the learning process. It’s common that teachers suffer stress and burnout factors that negative affect mood, social behavior and learning. Under these circumstances it’s obvious that the recently formed educational reality requires new skills from the teachers, resilience to stressful situations, ability to adapt in changes and the enhancement of digital skills. Additionally the new circumstances require from schools to develop a new model of adaptability in changes, a new vision and mission, an updated internal policy and plan in order to meet the expectations of a sustainable and digitally oriented future.

The main purposes of this partnership, which involves school partners (4th GEL Rodou from Greece, Fyllingsdalenvideregåendeskole from Norway, Liceo Copernico from Italy), the University of the Aegean( from Greece) and educational institutions (ICON from Greece, Joniškio rajon Švietimo įstaigų vadovų asociacija from Lithuania and Umbrella from Georgia), are to strengthen teachers occupational profile with professional development opportunities, establish a positive and stress-free working environment, favor students development, create innovative structures within educational complexes and organization, increase educational institutions capacity and readiness, effectively manage the shift to digital education, foster understanding and trust among students.

Online meeting 24th of March