Dissemination activity of ICON for the project ”AI4ESL”

On 11/11/2023 ICON organized and delivered a workshop for 10 educators in Rodos for our
program ‘AI4ESL- Artificial Intelligence for Early School Leaving’. The workshop
addressed out program and strategies of AI. During the session and in collaboration teachers
tested the game of AI to increase student engagement & promote empowerment. At the end
of the workshops, participants develop a specific plan to implement one or more strategies
learned in the workshop in their classrooms.

More info about the project?

The project addresses the horizontal and sectoral priorities in School Education, through the design, development, and evaluation of a Digital Learning Platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The project aims at tackling learning disadvantage, early school leaving (ESL) and low proficiency in basic skills. This can only be achieved through the provision of an adaptive and personalised learning experience in Literacy (including Media Literacy) and Numeracy, to students with fewer opportunities and from underrepresented groups (such as Roma communities, asylum seekers, immigrants and those coming from rural areas). This outreach to learners with fewer opportunities addresses the barriers faced by these groups in accessing high-quality learning environments, in view of the high rates of ESL amongst these communities. Furthermore, the project aims at enhancing the digital readiness, resilience, and capacity of participating organisations to manage an effective shift towards digital education, with an emphasis on the purposeful use of digital technologies in terms of equity and access for all students. 🇪🇺