We would like to thank all the participants and trainers for this unforgettable experience due to the first mobility of the program in Komotini!! 

Through this program, we manage to understand better the importance of the cultural heritage of each country but at the same time to create strong relationships between people from different cultural backgro


Through this project, participants discovered their peers’ cultural and religious heritage. The objectives of the partnership were to improve the learning environment for refugee young people, and to build a culture of welcome for all people providing general pedagogical tools for youth workers and other professionals accessible in several languages online. The aims of the project were:

•To enhance the understanding of the young for the important role they play in interpreting the diversity of the “other” through a holistic approach to diversity through research, promotion,and study of personal experiences, needs, and desires of the young themselves.

•To improve European citizenship, youth participation, and transnational unity. 

•To deepen the knowledge of European cultural heritage, trying to understand the differences and common origins of different EU countries