Strategy for the Equity Inclusion of
Roma Students: 03 – 07 October 2022

The project is a school strategic partnership – exchange of good practices
– only for teachers, addressing a problem which has a strong European
dimension as Roma communities experience

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Members of ICON Greece participated in Youth Exchange organised by Tenerife Solidarity in Spain in February 2019. The Spanish Red Cross and Tenerife Solidariry organised an exchange on how to enhance volunteering at schools and youth communities.

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Members of ICON Greece were invited for an Erasmus Youth Training Course in July 2018 in Lithuania. The course was about Digital Learning both as a professional opportunity and as a tool for personal development.

Members of ICON Greece presented their experiences and practices on how to exploit digital learning for youth and adult trainees. The Training Course included session on recognition of non formal learning that insiperd our participants for their future plans. Also, there was a workshop on how to improve your skills as “digital immigrants” to be able to communicate with “digital natives” of the youth generation.

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Members of ICON Greece implementing educational activities at school events. The pictures show De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, a technique for looking at decision making from different points of view. Trainers of ICON use De Bono’s hat technique to enhance empathy and inclusion. By wearing a hat, you are given a role and look at problems from different perspectives. De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a powerful technique for looking at decision making from different points of view.

De Bono’ s hats and their symbolism