Presentation at a map in Padlet of stories of migration from Syria, Iraq, Afganistan etc from official websites such as UNICEF and newspapers. There are 21 stories in Greek, including 5 in English.

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Ideas for activities

  1. Choose a story. Search information what happened in the country/area and people were forced to leave
  2. Give a happy ending to a story
  3. Write a letter to the person in a story. Choose your role (peer, politician, teacher or any role you prefer)

Members of ICON Greece visited Riace global village, where about 3.000 refugees reside in an almost abandoned village. ICON Greece was invited by NGO Darsana Terranga which has affiliates with local authorities and residents. The visit in Riace and the working meetings with partners were the most interesting and challenging projects ICON Greece implemeted.

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