• Inclusion in community regardless of the images and stereotypes that each group has of each other
  • Inclusion of individuals together with invisible families and friends who support them
  • Promotion of empathy and respect for people of all backgrounds and abilities
  • Providing support and guidance to vulnerable groups for social inclusion
  • Mentoring and life coaching of young people, which leads to the creation of a life plan
  • Assistance to young people in perfecting their skills, obtaining knowledge and increasing qualification, thus having better career prospects
  • Promotion of volunteering, cooperation, democracy and active citizenship
  • Participation of young people in initiatives at local, regional and European level.
  • Promotion of understanding of European cultural diversity
  • Promotion of alternative and sustainable tourism and development
  • Implementation of cultural events that promote inclusion in community

Target groups:

  • Educators and trainers employed in formal and non formal education
  • Young people especially from rural or geographically remote areas
  • Young people willing to participate in youth exchanges.
  • Young people willing to perform voluntary work.
  • Local groups and associations in the field of youth activities.
  • Authorities and public organizations


  • Erasmus KA1 training seminars
  • Erasmus KA2 partnerships
  • Erasmus Youth
  • Training programmes and seminars
  • Conferences and festivals
  • Consulting
  • Voluntary and internship programs
  • Vocational education and training programs
  • Implementation of local activities based on youth initiatives at regional/national level
  • Surveys
  • Information and awareness campaigns
  • Creation of promotional material, toolkits and guides

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