Videos showing services and products over the years that help us better care for our pets

close-up illustation of a young girl in pink skirt hugging a sheep and feeding a horse

Pets are more than just our faithful companions. In many cases, they are also considered extended family. They can provide us with friendship but also with emotional support, helping us to improve in our daily social lives.

With so many benefits from our furry friends, it comes to no surprise how important and central mascots have become in our society.

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The mobility of Youth Workers in Greece is successfully completed. From 26 of April to 2 of May twenty youth workers from Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Hungary were met in Komotini in the frame of Erasmus Youth project “Cultural heritage as a path in migrants’ inclusion” in order to expand their knowledge and inhance their tools in their work with young people with disadvantaged backgrounds, including newly arrived migrants.

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How important are animals in human life? How did animals statred co living with humans? How can you speak for animals? How can you make a difference in their lives?

Join our volunteer training by ICON experts

Training includes

Lectures, workshops, hands on practice, field trips, visits, digital educational material

Europeana resources

Educational material under the tag Animal Welfare

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To begin with, we were finally able to devirtualize all the people with whom we have been meeting for several months, but always by videoconference or email. All the participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves and explain what their organization is dedicated to. In addition, we were able to know in depth what gamification is. Both at a theoretical level, from the hand of the partners of Democritus University, and at a practical level thanks to the examples given by Meraki Projectes. There were also sessions to establish the elements, mechanics and dynamics that will be part of our gamified project. 

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