How important are animals in human life? How did animals statred co living with humans? How can you speak for animals? How can you make a difference in their lives?

Join our volunteer training by ICON experts

Training includes

Lectures, workshops, hands on practice, field trips, visits, digital educational material

Europeana resources

Educational material under the tag Animal Welfare

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What is your ecological footprint? Join the environmental group of ICON to learn more and to acquire new knowledge.

The project invites you to follow simple steps in your daily life such as

  • Consume less
  • Reuse your clothes
  • Reuse equipment
  • Buy only ecological projects
  • Share with others, learn with others
  • Follow EU policies

See the ideas from participants at Padlet

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Are you a tourist? Do you love travelling? Do you work in tourism industry? Do you want to protect your local environment and receive guets at the same time? What’s your impact on the human and physical environment?

Learn more about sustainable tourism in an online seminar organised by ICON on 7th March 2021

Educational material from the seminar

Sustainable Development Goals related to Tourism

Click on each icon for more information

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How was environment in ancient Greece? Did people care to protect their surroundings? How did Homer described the environment ? Were ancient Greek aware of ecology?

Learn more by attending our seminar on “Environment”

You are expected to learn

  1. references by ancient Greek writers on environment

2. comparison with present day situation

3. possible adoption of ancient practices for bioeconomy

Ecology stands for “the relationships between the air, land, water, animals, plants, etc., usually of a particular area, or the scientific study of this”. It is a branch of biology and its origins can be found in ancient Greece. Hippocrates wrote that, in order to investigate medicine, it was necessary to consider the seasons and the characteristics of the climate, laying out how vital the environment is to the health of the living beings that inhabit it. Aristotle, meanwhile, observed and recorded the characteristics of the flora and fauna around him and speculated about the relationship between them

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