Members of ICON Greece participated in Youth Exchange organised by Tenerife Solidarity in Spain in February 2019. The Spanish Red Cross and Tenerife Solidariry organised an exchange on how to enhance volunteering at schools and youth communities.

The Youth Exchange involved participants from islands (Gran Canaria Spain, Anglesey United Kingdom, Malta, Sicily Italy, Faro Denmark, Gotland Sweden, Atloy Norway)

The exchange focused on how to promote volunteering at a young age so that teeneagers become active citizens and how to involve school teachers to work with charities. Tenerife Solidarity presented “Open Days” at schools where charities from the area exhibit their work as a school event.

The exchange included a collaboration with Red Cross in La laguna. At Red Cross headquarters there is an open exhibition area for guided tours of schools and other target groups because they consider it is important to open premises for the general public and to show volunteer work.

Members of ICON Greece had fruitful experiences and established new partnerships.

Red Cross
Exhibition area
Red cross activities