Members of ICON Greece participated in Youth Exchange organised by Tenerife Solidarity in Spain in February 2019. The Spanish Red Cross and Tenerife Solidariry organised an exchange on how to enhance volunteering at schools and youth communities.

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Members of ICON Greece implementing educational activities at school events. The pictures show De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, a technique for looking at decision making from different points of view. Trainers of ICON use De Bono’s hat technique to enhance empathy and inclusion. By wearing a hat, you are given a role and look at problems from different perspectives. De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a powerful technique for looking at decision making from different points of view.

De Bono’ s hats and their symbolism

Cultural field trip of school groups in the Medieval city of Rodos. ICON Greece organised tours by using smart phones for the navigation around the city. Students liked the tour because it was not a boring tour according to their evaluation afterwards. Students were able to move around and to follow their own route of exploration.

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A youth exchange about religion and diversity in Rodos. Members from different European organisations visited churches in Rodos Greece and compared religious elements. It was interesting that all participants showed respect to other groups religion and wanted to learn more about each others faith.

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Target groups:

  • Educators and trainers employed in formal and non formal education
  • The target groups are young people 13-35 years old, especially from rural or geographically remote areas, with financial problems including minorities, youth workers and educators.
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Inclusion in COmmuNity

Address: Rodos, Greece P.C. 85100

Email: info@icongreece.gr   

PIC 896822425

ICON Greece (Inclusion in COmmuNity) was initiated as an informal group of educators and students aiming to enhance inclusion in the school community –for students with special skills and / or different cultural backgrounds.

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  • Inclusion in community regardless of the images and stereotypes that each group has of each other
  • Inclusion of individuals together with invisible families and friends who support them
  • Promotion of empathy and respect for people of all backgrounds and abilities
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Project work at Youth Exchanges and Training Courses. Non formal education and creativethinking. The best way for all participants with different abilities to express their talents.

Thank you for sharing and learning together with ICON Greece

Erasmus Training Course for Youth workers in United Kingdom on parents engangement and involvement at school. The seminar was held by school directors and teacher researchers in order to create a positive learning environment for every student and to create a community based on teacher-parent relationship.

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